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Omg these posts annoy me to no end. They’re worse than when vegans constantly post about their diet. Does being an introvert make you so much superior to the rest of the world or something that you have to remind everyone every other post?? Like what is your deal. Do you really have to assert your special snowflake certificate every chance you get


i am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me 

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Find it kinda annoying that when I say you get too flirty with other girls you call me a hypocrite and then ignore me the whole tournament and hug another girl after our first win. But okay. Because I’m the shitty person so you know. I deserve this anyways.

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Hieronymus Bosch,
Garden of Earthly Delights


Luke and I were looking at Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights and discovered, much to our amusement, music written upon the posterior of one of the many tortured denizens of the rightmost panel of the painting which is intended to represent Hell. I decided to transcribe it into modern notation, assuming the second line of the staff is C, as is common for chants of this era.

so yes this is LITERALLY the 600-years-old butt song from hell

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What do you think you’re doing?
What do you think you’re doing?

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people that don’t know the piano notes must be so confused 

son sit down with ur sense of music superiority literally everyone gets the joke

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1. You have no talent

2. Mr. Tentacles has all the talent

3. If you are lucky, some of Mr. Tentacles’ talent may rub off on you

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You ever just realize how lucky you are that you did that weird thing that led to you being friends with the people you are friends with?

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have you ever seen someone so attractive it made you mad

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no but the best part is how he got the name:

his name was originally “potatoes,” and his owner, willoughby bertie, told the stable lad who helped him to write the horse’s name on a feed bin. the boy misheard it as, literally “pot-eight-o’s” and wrote it with 8 o’s. bertie found it so funny that he kept that as the horses name.

This is the most beautiful horse-related story I’ve ever heard.

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Frozen Peas from SuckUK; a fantastic piece of design as metaphor (as well as a super convenient way to make a spherical ice “cube”.

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