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Yesterday was full of a lot of AsaNoya discussion on my tl and aAAA when the prompt for that day’s HQ_69min was ‘nap’ I just… I had to do the thing!

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"I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis? *facepalm*"

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it might just be me but i feel like ghibli never does romantic love films to begin with. its always just the unconditional or friendship sort of love.  as much as i would love it to be romantic i feel like people are reading way too much into the ‘when marnie was there’ trailer


I hate when i lose something and my parents says “well i guess you didnt care about it enough” like you’ve lost me in a grocery store before so

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Those be fighting words, anon.

First of all, Get your episodes right because I distinctly remember that their confrontation occurred in Episode 2. Don’t know how far your investment in this anime is as there’s only been 4 episodes in this season. 

He never ‘threatened’ Haru. He walked intimidatingly at him with his hands in his god damn pockets.

You wanna talk about threatening?? Rin almost punched out both Haru and Nitori in the finale of season one. Perhaps theres a little more for Haru to worry about with Rin than with Sousuke. 

But lets talk more about why Sousuke did what he did.  Rin wants to compete in the olympics, the biggest and hardest competition to get to in the entire world.  If Rin had preformed well in that competition, he might have been scouted like Sousuke to attend a University with a swim team, where, if his times were good enough, he could very well have a one way ticket to the olympics. 

Sure, the relay helped Rin— but from Sousuke’s stand point— Rin was ONE STEP A-FUCKING-WAY from ruining something he’d been working his entire life for. (And something that tore Sousuke and Rin part for YEARS— If Rin didn’t want to swim professionally, they’d probably have been friends the entire time). 

Rin has one more chance to get scouted, it is his LAST year— and even if Rin swam his best in his individuals, if he broke the rules and did something unprofessional again as he did in his second year— scouts would see him as a lunatic who doesn’t take competition seriously. 

To Sousuke’s knowledge— Whose idea was the relay switcheroo? Haru’s.

WHO, in Sousuke’s observation (and mine too) could probably give fewer fucks if Rin makes it to the olympics or not. Does He want well for Rin? Yes. Would he be happy if Rin made it? Yes. But does he have any personal investment in his Olympic Career? Had he gone out of his way to make the Olympics more reachable for Rin? Absolutely not!

This DOES NOT make Haru a bad friend— but Haru doesn’t think about competition the same way Rin HAS to if he wants to be a career swimmer! And THEREFORE, if Haru EVER tried to persuade Rin to swim with him again— he could very well (albeit unintentionally) DESTROY RIN’S ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE.

Did Sousuke say he couldn’t be Rin’s friend? No. Did Sousuke threaten any sort of harm whatsoever? NO.

He told Haru not to make any more moves that might jeopardise Rin’s career as a swimmer— and he let him know that HE WAS SERIOUS ABOUT IT.  Because it honestly may never have occurred to Haru just how badly ‘swimming freely’ can be for someone who wants what Rin does. 

YES, Rin needed the relay to get his bearings. But imagine if when Rin hit his wall, he picked up the god damn phone and called his good friend SOUSUKE, how much easier things could have been! He may never have had to race Haru to feel better about his swimming, he may NEVER HAVE GIVEN UP BECAUSE SOUSUKE WOULDN’T HAVE LET HIM— BECAUSE SOUSUKE CARES ABOUT RIN’S EMOTIONS.

In the end— Sousuke is basically babysitting Rin’s road up to finals. He came all the way from god damn Tokyo to attend the same school Rin was. He has personally invested himself in Rin’s success or failure as a swimmer. HE IS TAKING ON A SPORT HE NEVER WANTED TO DO (relay) TO KEEP RIN INSPIRED— BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE NEEDS IT.

Which leads me to my next point. In NO WAY did he ever downplay how important it was for Rin to compete—once Rin told him it was important to him. HE SHUT THE FUCK UP and agreed to do relays with him. EVEN THOUGH THEY MEANT NOTHING TO SOUSUKE.  

He recognises that Rin needs comradery and teamwork to be a successful swimmer— and even though Sousuke could give two shits about either, he IS DOING IT FOR RIN SO THAT HE CAN BE THERE FOR HIM— AS SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR HIM PROFESSIONALLY.  UNLIKE HARU, HE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR RIN’S FUTURE AND HAPPINESS, EVEN THOUGH HE DOESN’T HAVE TO. 

Sousuke is a. GOOD. FUCKING. MAN. 

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