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hhhhh your art is so beautiful u v u. I'm wondering if you could do some references on backs? Of course only if you have time and feel like doing so o v o;;;
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forgive my handwriting I HOPE THIS HELPS A LITTLE BC IM NOT RLY SURE IF IT MAKES SENSE also here are some pics of rl backs which you can also locate via google 1,2,3,4,5(nsfw bc butt) 


I made fresh rosemary bread today! It was so warm and it smelled so good. I love homemade bread.

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Us The Duo,
The Book of Life


Watch this get a 1000% more notes even though I already posted it.

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the drama cd is so cute~

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Get that weak loli shit out of here!


Get that weak loli shit out of here!

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  • person in skype chat: makes typo
  • everyone else in skype chat: copies and pastes typo for posterity


good advice

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for the future theme by sweetlet

i’ve been working on this for about a month to help me relearn html and css!!! it’s pretty simple but i’m proud of it!!!!!

madoka preview / haruka preview / code


  • 5 custom links
  • optional dropdown menu (it looks better on a pc than on my mac)
  • sidebar image
  • covered OR tiled background
  • uploadable favicon
  • optional borders
  • optional post + sidebar transparency
  • a good amount of color options!!! (ex. link hover, post color, etc.)

please please please do not remove my credit!!!! we will not have a very pleasant discussion if you do!!!!!

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modern Hiccstrid [as per my AU drabble, which now has 2 chaps yey] I’m not gonna finish